Winter: on film


Winter started with us across the Atlantic. Rich and I spent two months in England visiting family, seeing friends, and spending time in London. We based ourselves out of Marlow, the cute town where Rich was born and raised. From there we traveled into London in out SWEET fiat we miraculously rented for like £40 a week hahaha all my European dreams came true. I got to take Rich to Salzburg en-route to a sweet session in Munich and it was so fun walking around a city that is so special to me! 

We snuck in two skii trips - one with my brothers-in-law Pete and Jazz in Chamonix and the second one with a group of friends from all over in Tres Valles! We skiied for 8 days straight…  I’ve never been so sore hahaha. We were greeted back home with our friends Kelsey and Joey, Bryten and Jamie, in San Diego and we scooted around downtown. I missed the sun!!  

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