California for the Weekend


Ah... long distance. Endless missed calls, many i miss you's, long haul flights, highs and lows, and last minute flights. That last part is my personal favorite ;) 

Rich and I left Croatia on cloud 9, just to realize we were about to go two months apart from each other. Well... at least that's what we though. Neither of us liked the sound of that, so, as every impulsive couple that misses each other does, we booked me a flight to CA two weeks before I was meant to be there. 

I got to spend my 23rd (!!) birthday with Rich in Lake Tahoe hiking, playing chess, drinking beers by the lake, and wandering around. It was one of the sweetest things. We had no plans, yet being with one another swe figured them out ended up being one of the best parts (plz dont kill me for all that cheese). 

Five days have never been so sweet!

^^Just look at that face! What a babe. 

Thankful for you, Turnbull.