TWENTY-SEVENTEEN; year-end review


As the year comes to a close and I continue to settle into the 'normal' of post-London living, I thought to write down some of what this year has brought. I guess you can call it a keepsake of memories and precious details of observations over the last twelve months. Each season was so different from the last. My sweet friend Kelsey wrote just exactly about her transitions on her blog. It was a year filled with things out of the ordinary, with blessings, with challenges, but most of all, community. 

Even nearly two months after leaving London, I continue to reflect upon the life I had built so far from home and traveling around Europe. So here's to 2017, and the documentary of it all. 



WINTER // january - february



What I've been given

I have been given a set of new perspectives, culture, a thirst for more, for life out of the ordinary. A desire to travel, a life filled with spontaneity and flexibility. I've been given a place to call home, oh the most romantic of homes! An immense amount of streets and architecture to get lost into. And I have been given friends, the most genuine kind of friends. The friends that shower you in wisdom, that invest in one another, that dig deep into your heart and bring out the best of the best. For this, I am so incredibly grateful.



SPRING // march - may



SUMMER // june - september



The summer months were a true whirlwind. Kels and I moved into our new apartment, started internships, celebrated weddings and wrote our dissertations. 

We spent evenings on rooftops and pubs, days at the park, mornings at coffee shops, and weekends in different countries. My sweet Kat got married to the man of her dreams and I had the chance to have my guy stand with me. 

Each season just kept getting better. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 8.26.13 PM.png


AUTUMN // october - december

What I'll miss

I will miss each season that London brought. The wisteria hanging in mews, the warm evenings in the park, changing colors in the fall, and blending in all black clothes with the locals.

I will miss the little details that every day brought. The commute into work, runs along the park, clearing my head with a simple stroll, coffee on every corner, and familiar faces everywhere I go. I will miss the feeling of coming back from a trip into London and feeling completely at home, and missing it while away. I will miss my community of friends and growing alongside them. 

I will miss the ever-growing sounds of the city; the voice on the tube, the families at Hyde park, the wild amount of different languages, the feeling of brisk air against my face. 





  • Took 32 flights
  • Rode in 28 trains
  • Visited 11 countries
  • Ate my way thru 42 cities 
  • Drank 35803 americanos* (ok I may have lost count)
  • Got lost approx. 37 times

So here's to 2018. A year of continual growth, learning, and big moves! 
No matter where life takes me, London will always have a piece of my heart.