Through Italy // part two


Goodness, I don't think there are enough words to describe this place. 
Magical, eclectic, warm, enchanting, vibrant...
Kelsey and I docked out of Amalfi in the morning and after a short 30 minute ferry ride, we made it to Positano. I have seen pictures of Positano for years, wondering how people got to this secluded place on earth and how they consistently managed to create beautiful images. Well...turns out this place has no bad angles.  

As soon as we got off the Ferry, Kels and I went out for a wander around town. It was a beautiful sunny day. We had been hiding out under coats and boots the last few days to this felt like heaven. During our walk, we ran into some of the most beautiful look out points where we were able to see the full curve of the coast. What a view


Getting there:

If youve been to Amalfi before you know that it takes some serious dedication to manage to get to this slice of heaven. It is not a quick one (unless you have a car...but even with that the treck is long). So, here's how we did it:

  1. Fly into the nearest airport, which in our case, we flew from Venice to Naples

  2. Take the Naples airport transfer to the main train station, Napoli Centrale

  3. Train over to Salerno (about a 55min train)

  4. Once you're at the station you have two options for your last leg to Amalfi:

    1. Take a bus from outside the train station in Salerno (Blub Bus - every 30min) and hope you have a strong stomach!

    2. Walk approx. .25 miles to the shore and hop on a 30min ferry
      We tried both, and in our personal experiece, the ferry wins...BY A LOT.

  5. Get to Amalfi and treat yo self to a glass of wine... you made it! 


Our time in Amalfi was incredible. The sun followed us everywhere we went in and around the coast. Before our long journey out to the airport to Greece, Kels and I went on a hike around the neighboring towns. Not gonna lie, finding the entrance to this view people takled about all over the internet was hard work! 

If you ever find yourself in Amalfi looking for the "Path of the God's" hike, you can access it through the stairs right beside "Bar Paninoteca". Follow the path, through its windyness and steps, there will be white arrows painted on the wall so you know where to turn. If you follow your tracks via google maps you will see that the path has steps painted on it - follow it through Salita Sopra Muro; when you hit the 'Y' take a right onto Salita S. Lorenzo del Piano. You will walk past a Cemetery on your left. Follow the path through until you want! It eventually takes you into Atrani. 



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