Through Italy// part one


On October 29th, Kelsey and I departed onto our last hoorah, aka and excuse to travel for twelve days and reminisce on the last fifteen months living in London. 



First stop: Lake Como

Situated on the border of Switzerland and Italy, Lake Como is like something out of this world. With small cities on the main ports, water-side patisseries, and all the #views, George Clooney, Kels, and our fellow 80 yr old tourists found the charm of the city. 

We spent a total of two-some days and found it the perfect way to start off our grand hoorah.

Ports to visit: Menaggio, Bellagio, and Varenna

Walk: Dock out into Tremezzo and follow the Greenway walking path signs to see the city from up above. The walk is mostly cobblestones so make sure to wear appropriate all-terrain-shoes, or in my case...booties ;) Follow the greenway path stones on the ground until you hit the dock in Lenno.

*note: fly into the Milan airport and take a direct train from the main station for quickest route. Trains accept tickets on your phone so dont go running around the station and miss your train ;) 


We got greeted into Como with the most incredible of sunsets! Seriously, clouds painted by the Lord Himself. 


Lake Como is a place way off the beaten path. Though you may think of Rome, Venice, or Florence the most when you hear the word 'Italy', Como takes all the charm. 

Kels and I had just packed up our lives in two suitcases and moved out of our wee flat in London.

Landing in LC for the first part of our trip was the relaxing days we needed to allow all the feelings to sink in. It was also the great beginning of the #kelsnalbslasthoorah. 


Stay posted for part two.


xx, albs