Spring: On Film


Sweet spring time. I can’t believe that another season has gone by and we are about to enter into the crazy hot months! March-May were some really slow, fun, reflective months. We had some tough days were we struggled with being away from home, yet our friends brought us out of them and cheered us on.

Rich turned 28 (!!) in March, so we had a little weekend away in Lake Arrowhead and made him a donut-pile cake hahha. I visited my fave Rachael Lee in Nashville and cried when we said goodbye.

We had the joy of hosting our friends down at the beach filled with surfing, eating, and drinking overpriced cocktails at the coolest cliff-side bar :-)

Our months out west with our family and friends are soon coming to an end, as we migrate across the pond, which makes these moments so much more special and worth treasuring.

So, here’s our spring, on film.

All images are unedited (pardon the crookedness hahah) and shot on a Canon ae-1 with Kodak Portra 400 film :)