Six months gone


Six months. Halfway done. Six months left in this pretty city. Its crazy how quickly this place has turned into a home. To think that six months ago today I was stepping into something so wildly unknown and today I get to so confidently walk through the city with incredible friends by my side and find the right platform on the tube ;) 

Here's a shortened version of what's been going on these last 6 months:

1. Did all things Harry Potter; beginning with reading all 7 books, going to platform 9 3/4 and finally visiting the studio + drinking butter beer (THAT THING IS GUUUD!)

2. Got a visit from some of my favorite people

3. Ate... a lot (and worked on my hand-modeling career) 

3. Made friends (HI MOM!)

4. Traveled 'round 

You'd think that after six months the novelty of living abroad would wear off, but man, you couldn't be more wrong. I can't get enough of this city. Sure, city life is busy, that's the reality of it. My first month in London I went without either a US or UK sim card, I was off the grid really.

However, having to be unplugged allowed me to get lost, to wander, trust (what I have found) my not-so-always-reliable gut, and truly experience the city. I shamelessly read Harry Potter at Hyde park until mid October and drank my body-weight's worth of coffee while at it. This was also the beginning of Alba-appreciation-day; a day solely dedicated to wandering around, treating myself to overpriced coffee and reflecting with Jesus.

I can honestly say that I have never felt to much at home. This place amazes me every day. London, I could never grow tired of you. 

Cheers to these next six months!