An Accidental Couple's Retreat to Barcelona

Park Güell, Barcelona, Spain

Park Güell, Barcelona, Spain

This is my best friend Kelsey. We are in the same masters program, live (basically) together, and spend our days off aimlessly walking having real-talk-girl-talk while sipping on over-priced americanos. Kels is basically the older sister I never had, and more often than I'd like to admit, I catch myself thinking, "WWKD?", which has turned into the on-going joke of our friendship. 

Anyways, late last year, a friend from our program made the grave mistake of telling us about British Airway's 'city-break holidays'. These are 3-day, 2-night, packages for two (hence the couple's retreat) that include hotel + airfare for a ridiculously cheap price. I am pretty sure these are meant for couples... but for now, Kels is stuck with me. So, fast forward three (long and cold) weeks, we made it to Barcelona!

Our first two days were SO windy, but warm! We basically ate our way thru the city - coffee, prosciutto, gelato, mexican food, tapas, croissants, wine and... PAELLA. Good thing there was lots of walking or else. On our last day we made it out to the beach. A perfectly sunny and warm beach day; my heart couldn't have been any happier. We tanned in our jeans and boots then had sangria by the water.

I love u, BCN! 

Looking for a city-guide? 

Here's some of my favorite places for coffee, brunch, and dine! Download the map offline and use it during your next trip to Barcelona :-) 


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