oxford in 12 hours


Day-trips are my absolute favorite. The train ride, the taste of a new city, getting a bit lost and wandering around little quaint streets, this is what makes me happiest. Being away from home on Thanksgiving was a bit odd, so, in order to forget a bit about what we were missing out on, Kelsey and I hopped on a train ride and ended up in Oxford for the day. Every single building, alleyway, restaurant, church, is SO beautiful here. We made our first stop at Society Cafe for coffee and pumpkin cake (bc, thanksgiving, right?). After warming up a bit we wandered around the city, sneaking into pretty streets and popping into bookstores. We had Thai food at Old Tom Pub, mmm thai food. Kels had green curry and I had a delicious Pad Thai.

We continued on to Christ Church Cathedral because the happy-potter-loving-11-year-old-girl inside of kelsey and I wanted to see where J.K. drew her inspiration from. WOW. People actually live and study here WHAT. It was stunning. We topped our day off drinking and eating our feelings away and caught the 9pm train back to London. 

ps. we may or may not have gotten matching Oxford University crewnecks :-)