Out in the Cotswolds


This time last year Rich and I had been hit with the news that he'd be spending 4 months out in San Francisco at Y Combinator. The shock of long distance so early in our relationship (our wee 2-month baby relationship) forced us to decide if we were all-in on our relationship. We took a two day trip down the coast and talked through all our fears and hessitations. It was a defining moment for our relationship and this year we decided it would be fun to go back to the South Coast and reminisce on our year together as we step into marriage. 

So, we packed our bags and headed down to the coast! This year's trip was a bit different than last. We spent one night in Dorset, where I met Rich's grandparents and frolicked through Old Harry Rocks. After a full day in Dorset we set out to our Airbnb in the Cotswolds and we found ourselves having dinner in Bath and walking around town until the sun set and our feet gave up. 

England is a magical place. 


Cheers if you made it to the end of this very long post!