NYC: On Film


Back in May, my parents, Rich, and I went out to new york city to celebrate my brother Elias graduating from NYU!!! Rich and I got there a day before my parents and we basked in the sun the city offered - last time we were there it was FRIGID hahah so this was a nice change of scenery!

We had already done most of the ‘touristy’ things during our last trip so this time we decided to explore more the area that Elias lives in. Rich and I would walk downstairs and get coffee from ninth st. espresso to start our day :) once my parents arrived it felt like it was GO time! After some shopping, lots of walking, and fighting the crowds in purple robes, we celebrated and cheered Elias on as he walked across the stage at Gallatin’s graduation at Lincoln Center :’) Nothing better to celebrate than a shake shack outdoors at Madison Square Park heheh.

It was a fun, sweet trip that allowed our family to be together (minus fredy!) and celebrate. Here’s some snippets of our time in the city!

all images are unedited and were shot on a canon ae-1 with kodak portra 400 film :)