Meet me at the station


On October 25th, Rich told me to meet him at 9:30 am at the train station. All he said was to pack a small camera bag for our friend's Leica we got to borrow, comfy shoes, and, well, myself. I showed up to the station, thinking this kid would finally tell us where we were heading...but no. Here's the thing, I truly love the concept of surprises but when it comes down to it, I am as impatient as they come. So, as you could imagine, it was killing me not knowing where our train was taking us (Rich wouldn't even let me look at my MAPS!). 


We finally reached our stop about two hours later and we found ourselves in New Forest, a Southeast national park known for its wild ponies (!!). After grabbing a quick breakfast and cup of tea, we headed down to rent bikes and were on route! 

The day was absolutely STUNNING. We were so giddy to be out of the city, stopping every couple of minutes to take pictures and look around.

We biked around 13 miles that day, dropped our bikes at 5pm, and topped off the evening with a pint of Doombar and a pub dinner.

I love this man. The end.