Joey + Kelsey


I hope you are sitting on a comfortable chair with a coffee or tea in hand, because this story is one of my favorite ones. Kelsey would probably tell it a different way, but here's how I saw it all play out :-) 

Back in October 2016, I met up with a friend from college who was traveling in London as a groupie to Joy Oladokun. I got a free ticket to one of her concerts and decided to drag my new friends, Krista & Kelsey. It was a Thursday night and we were up for something fun. Simultaneously, a guy named Joey, whom I had casually heard a lot about thru a friend was also traveling around Europe and landed into London on concert night.

Mine and Joey’s first interaction was a bit creepy to him… probably. It went like this, ‘Hi Joey, wait, i know of you…you’re a firefighter right? You lived in a beach house in Newport? You go to Redemption with Katherine, right?’ , I’m not sure why he didn’t run away right there and then… must’ve been because of my cute friend, Kelsey ;)

Fast forward 7 months later, Joey found himself in Europe once again, though this time in Switzerland. Being the spontaneous people K & I are, we instigated planning a trip.
The full story for our Switzerland YOLO can be found here.

Joey followed Kelsey to London after we left Switzerland. A coffee date and DTR later, Joey began to pursue Kelsey from 5,000 miles away.

It’s been a true gift being able to walk in this season with Kelsey. I cannot wait to witness you becoming one in just ONE MONTH!


Here's the WEBBS before they knew they were gonna be together ... forever.

i love your story :'-)