Our Honeymoon: on film



A few days ago while going through pictures on my phone I asked Rich, “hey, remember that one time we honeymooned?”

I figured it was time to relive it through some of our favourite film shots we took.

After a little stay-cation post-wedding, Rich and I headed off to St Lucia for 10 days. Come to think about it, I have no idea how we landed on that place… Rich was pretty sold on going to Hawaii but it didn’t necessarily scream out honeymoon to me. So, in an attempt to find someplace romantic, adventurous (per Rich’s request), and on this side of the Atlantic, we landed on this little island in the West Indies.

We split our time between two hotels which was sooo much fun- it felt like two vacations in one since the hotels were very different from one another. Our first 4 nights were spent at Ladera Resort in the south of the island. Our room only had 3
walls (!!!) which meant we felt like we were literally in the jungle. The staff was so incredibly attentive - we even had our own little phone and got a cheeky room upgrade since it was low season! We spent most of our time at the beach in Sugar Beach, camping out on a dock for hours reading, listening to music, and taking too many pictures of the sun going down.

The remaining five days we spent at Sandals La Grande up in Pigeon Island, the north peak of the Island. Rich and I rented a car (left-side driving making our Brit feel at home!) and tracked up the windiest, tightest roads of the island all the way up north. Our time at Sandals was sooo much fun -unlimited water-sports (hobby-cat sailing!!), all-inclusive DREAMS. It was a completely different vibe than to Ladera - there was a FOAM party!!! and a ton of drunk people in the pool hahah but it made for some fun people watching. I think we balanced our trip well having had both the swanky and all inclusive experiences.

We definitely came back from our honeymoon with a few pounds on us… happy pounds for sure! Also wishing we could relive it all over again. Here’s to hoping our honeymoon season in marriage never ends!

love, the turnbulls :-)

Shot on a Canon AE-1 & with Portra Film 160 and 400