Gone Sailing


On July 30th, a group of ten of us (dad + mom, aunt + uncle, three brothers and three girlfriends) set sail along the Croatian coastline. My boyfriend's parents and youngest brother, Jazz, got their day skipper license and wanted to put it all to the test. So, after a huge super-market run on the 29th, we set off for a week of sailing, (lots of!) sun, and swimming.

It was one of those trips that everyday at the end of the day you would say to yourself, 'wow, that was the best day!' ... every. single. day. And just when you thought the day couldn't top the one before, it did. 

From learning how to do knots (whats up, bowline!), to pulling the ropes to set the sail, and having a couple's paddle boarding race, this trip was one of the best ever. It was so much fun continuing to get to know the Turnbulls; they truly are some of the best around. Thankful for this guy and his sweet family! 

On our second day out at sea, Rich and his dad sailed for a bit and it was so fun being able to see how all the magic works from above. All the ropes, buttons, sails, you name it! We caught good wind and were able to sail such a peaceful sea! 

On Monday, our third day, we docked on this quaint sea-side town called Stari Grad on the opposite side of Hvar. It was SUCH a warm day so docking out in alleyways (while eating lavender icecream) was the best way to escape it. 

Rich and I hadn't seen each other in a month or so and last time we were together we didnt have much one-on-one time. So, we took advantage of this day and had a day-date. We walked hand-in-hand around town popping into alleyways and eating. We found a restaurant behind the busy 'main' street and had an amazing dinner in a lively courtyard. We drank a cold glass of white wine and reminisced on early days rich + albs. 

A rare sighting of rich and I getting our picture taken


We spent the rest of our time docking in and out of small towns and bays, playing in the sun, and staying hydrated with coke :-) On our last day, Rich and Jazz did some tow-surfing off the catamaran and they later thought it would be fun to bring on the girlfriends, which was a whole other story! Probably a good thing there was no pictures documenting that hahah

There are not enough words to describe this trip. It is true when they say that you get to know your significant other through their family. Spending a full week with Rich's fam made me fall even more in love with this guy. They are an extension of his character, his kindness, and genuineness. So much sun, fun, laughs, and smiles. Thankful for the Turnbulls and allowing this wee Mexican to join in on their very British holiday (hehe). 

Also, props if you made it to the end of this blog! 

xx albs