Florence, Italy


Ohhhh Italy, you sure always find a way to be charming. We docked in Livorno early on June 2nd and jumped on a bus out to Florence. It was POURING our whole drive out and we were not prepared at all :-) however, the rain couldn't stop us from walking 9 miles, of course. Our first thing on our little checklist was the Doumo. This thing... are you serious?! I thought I was about to walk into a green screen because of how beautiful and unreal it looks. The inside is empty and dark, with high ceilings, and the famous dome filled with incredible artwork. 

We were greeted with rain, a heck of a lot of it, when we stepped out of the Basillica so we decided to let the rain die down and have a cappuccino-croissant-pizza break. After the rain stopped, we walked over to Plazza Della Signoria to see the Parliament building and the statues that surround it. After seeing the Church of Santa Croce, we ended up on the river-front. The city was really gloomy, but it allowed for an awesome reflection of the city upon the water. We sat there a little before we headed out to eat...again. We had a late lunch at this TINY (seriously tiny), hole-in-the-wall restaurant, which of course consisted of bruschetta, pizza, and wine. 

ti amo Italia!