Fall in Salzburg


Salzburg holds the most special of places in my heart. I remember how I felt two years ago, standing at this (^) exact same look-out, thinking how things couldn't get any more magical than they were. I was living and studying abroad with my best friend, traveling every weekend, was a local at the not-so-Irish pub in town, dating a guy who made my heart flutter, and basically running around town like Maria in The Sound of Music. 

Going back was just as incredible, however, I realized just how much things have changed since. I graduated from college, I moved to London, I grew up. Leading up to this trip I thought I knew just exactly how I would feel when I stepped into town. I had imagined this dramatic feeling taking over my body and tears flowing down my face. But I couldn't have been more off. Being back felt like second-nature, like I was back home. The first day was odd, I kept wondering where all my friends were, and felt like I was back in 2014 living at Internationalles Kolleg and studying at Universität Salzburg. I made some of my absolutely favorite memories during my time abroad, I wouldn't change a thing about it. 

Although it was a bittersweet feeling being back without the rest of the #salzburgsquad, I got the biggest sensation of joy during my time in Salzburg. Joy that I got to be back and re-live some of my favorite memories with my best friend. Joy that I get to come back to this place that means the world to me and make new memories. 

Rache and I ate our body-weight's worth in schnitzel, apfelstrudel, kasekrainers, and had obligatory coffee and cake at 4pm every day, just like the locals. We frolicked around the Austrian countryside during out Sound of Music tour and sang do-re-mi with our sweet tour guide. 

I absolutely cannot wait to go back and spend Christmas in this magical city in a few weeks (!!)

Hey Salz, you are home to me. 
see ya soon