Dallas For The Weekend

Houndstooth Coffee; Dallas, Texas

Houndstooth Coffee; Dallas, Texas

I am still in shock that my 'little' brother is a Freshman in college living in Dallas, Texas. I missed his sarcasm + strange self so in late September I decided to ditch all my senior year responsibilities and visit him for a couple of days. Who knew Dallas was so cool? Elias and I found the greatest coffee shop in town, Houndstooth Coffee, visited our sweet aunt & uncle (+ their sweet little baby boy!), and pretended we knew where we were when we walked around Greenville in 94 degree weather.

I just happened to have booked my tickets during the time of SMU's Homecoming weekend so we did what every Texan does at football games, tailgate. We had a blast pretending we were in Greek life and tried not to stick out too much as Californians. 

Hey Eli, I hear SMU has a MBA grad program, soooooo, see you next fall?

Missin you + Dallas already, Eli! You're the best.