Chasing the sun in Wales


In late August, Mercedes, Kelsey and I took a train out to Cardiff and chased the Welsh sun for the weekend. We rented a car and blasted good ol' Taylor Swift (and Shania Twain... of course) and drove out to the coast to some of the most quintessential seaside towns. 

Our first day we drove around the Pembrokeshire coast and found ourselves eating burgers and drinking an ale at Little Haven (you can't make this up!). After a wee coastal hike, we continued our drive down to Cardiff and caught the sun set in Tenby, a town that looks straiiiight out of Italy with a very English twist to it. 

On our second/last day we went to Brecon Beacons and hiked the oh-so-famous Pen y Fan mountain. That thing was STEEP. Always good to get out of the city a bit :) 

Such a fun weekend spent singing, eating, walking, and basking in the sun! Here's to a very Welsh farewell to my 22nd year of life with the sweetest of friends.