Seaside, kinda.


Oh to be sea-side again. My soul dies a bit when I wake up and realize I live in a big city, miles away from the nearest beach - love u london, but sometimes a dose of sunshine and the sound of waves crashing is needed. 

Anyways, Lisa and I took a train out and enjoyed a very cloudy day out in Brighton- it was COLD (as you can tell from the blanket around my neck). But it was nice being able to sit in the stillness and hear the waves crash. 

We started our morning out with breakfast at the breakfast club where we had the 'all-american' ... ok, maybe we missed home more than we led on. Then after a track down to the beach we defrosted with coffee + cake at Pelicano. So much love for this sweet friend of mine.

Thankful for you, liz, and the sweet smell of the ocean!