Rain Showers in Bath


Ah, the great British Summer. As some of you may know, this consists of evening showers, weather extremes where one day it is 85 degrees with 99.9% humidity and the next is rainy + 68 degrees. I almost named this blog post "Bathing in Bath" simply because of the amount of water my shoes gathered over our two days here:-) But hey, whatever happened to the spirit of spontaneity, right? 

Kelsey turned 26 (AH!) at the end of May so in order to ring in her stepping into the dark side of 30, we decided to get away from the city. We spent a total of 4 hours in Bristol sipping beer at 11am at a breweryand then continued onto Bath. We were kindly greeted by beautiful sights covered in rain- why is everything more charming when its been rained on?

By the end of our trip we had walked around every little corner of this beautiful town. Goodness England, will you please stop showing off? Love you forever. 

Shoutout to KBARD for another excuse to see more places and eat our hearts out! 

All the pretty views everywhere you look!