AZ Roadtrip

College is such an incredible roller coaster ride full of excitement, fear (...fingers crossed I graduate in May), tears, late nights, but so so much laughter. What I have learned is that although it sucks saying goodbye to your best friends every 5 months, it is an incredible adventure seeing places with them. And yeah, the future is scary and, hell, we don't know what is coming for us after graduation, but for now, we have decided not to worry about it, the Big G man will guide us. 

Dre, our singer-model-babe of a best friend lives in Arizona. So hey, why not pack up her car and drive to AZ after our last final? So we did. Life with these girls is a constant Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen movie. So thankful that Dre's sweet fam hosted us, prepared to-die-for food, and packed us goodies for the road :-) 

Rache, Ems, Dre, you're all one in a million. My silver coins.

Here's to our last semester of undergrad!