The Ever-changing Hues of Fall


Oslo. A year later :-) It took a full year for my hands to properly defrost from this trip. It was COLD. Like chilled to the bones, achey cold. But, well, these #views made it all [kinda] worth it. 

As you may recall, soon after meeting in late August, Kelsey and I planned a Fall break getaway to Copenhagen and Oslo. We got into Norway and although we had heard that it was pricey, we didnt anticipate just HOW expensive it was. Liiiiike a basic thai plate entre was $18, at a corner restaurant and standard bfast (coffee + eggs) for two $40. WHAT. Kelsey and I shamelessly tucked in one night at 6pm with frozen pizza and watched gilmore girls on my phone to stay away from the cold. 

Anyways, we got to Oslo right as all the leaves were changing. It was magical. The city was all sorts of red, orange, and yellow hues. So beautiful! We walked a bit around the city throughout our two days; from the opera house, to the royal palace and armed forces museum, to a fjord tour around the harbor.

Thiiiis right here is the reason why Fall is my favorite season, and will forever be :)