A Very Swiss Yolo


Dissertation has been turned in, one-way flight back home has been booked, and our flat lease break notice has been served. Where did time go? I feel like I am just now catching a breath after two months of running around, traveling, moving, and, well, living. 

It has taken me four months to blog this escapade to Switzerland. Looking through pictures again takes me back to mine and Kelsey's spontaneous trip. It went a little bit like this (as quoted by Kels):

Thursday, April 20
8 am: Get a call from Kelsey telling me that tickets to Zurich are cheap. Instead of talking her out of it (which she hoped I would), I talked her in.

7 pm: Meet after class to 'discuss' prices and the logistics 

7:07 pm: Book flights to Switzerland

Friday, April 21
4 am: Wake up, finish packing, and head out to Heathrow.

7 am: (while in the air)
Wonder if my professor will accept a photo journal of my spontaneous trip instead of a 4,000 word paper... that I haven't started... which is due on Monday. 

By 9:15 am we were on the road to Interlaken on our fabulous mom car which we rented on our way to the airport that morning - we named him Winston. Kels and I had lunch in Lucerne, had a scenic pit-stop in Iseltwald, and were sitting at a pub inhaling nachos for dinner and drinking Swizz beer by 4:30 pm. We caught sunset that night behind the mountains and said over and over to ourselves in disbelief, "Is this actually happening?"

seriously though, all the #views

Thankful for spontaneous trips and willing friends that make it all worth it.