A New York Minute

Flat Iron Building

Flat Iron Building

You ever have those moments after you travel when you say to yourself, did that really happen? Thats what New York was- 48 hours in the city that never sleeps. My friend Katherine (thanks aifs) gave me a grand tour of the city. We started our first day at the Financial District where we walked over to the Freedom Tower and around Ground Zero. It was impacting to see how something devastating was turned into something beautiful. We headed over to the Brooklyn Bridge and walked it halfway (note to self: do not walk in the blazing sun when it is 100 degrees out). At SoHo, we had lunch at a restaurant called Egg Shop - go there.

The heat beat us again and we ended up at a park with a Mint Lemonade from Jack's Wife Freda where we planned our next move. It was cool seeing the Empire State Building pop up in between the skyline. I wanted to go up it but I think I will save my romantic Empire State moment like Mindy. We reached Bryant Park, a perfect cool down spot, and then took on Times Square. My neck hurt from constantly looking up at the skyscrapers. Katherine and I went into Sacks because how can you not (secretly trying to find Serena?). 9 Miles later, we ended our first day lounging at Central Park.

Day two started off with Bagels at the park, no better way to start of the day in NY really. We walked around Central Park and cut across to the Metropolitan Museum. Once we had our Gossip Girl moment on the steps and I got a sweet pair of sunnies at Warby Parker, we took the metro down to the High Line. Burning hot weather means popsicles and ice cream sandwiches. One subway ride and 8 miles later, we arrived at Grand Central to take the train home.

Shout out to Katherine for showing my little touristy self around, you're the best!