48 Hours in Ireland


I have officially been living in London for 3 months - HOW DID THAT FLY BY!? It has all felt like a blur, the best kind of it. London is so incredibly central and it has allowed me to jump on those cheap (n slightly sketchy??) RyanAir and EasyJet flights over to some fun places. Anyways, I realized I couldn't end my first semester of PG without going to Ireland, because, c'mon, do you even live in the UK if you don't go to Dublin? So, on November 10, my friend Andrea and I hopped on a cheap RyanAir flight and spent 48 hours in Dublin (we literally bought out flights and booked our AirBnb the week before we left hehe).

We got into Dublin at around noon and headed into the city for a walking tour (which we did while carrying out weekender bags OOPS) and then got dinner at the oldest pub in Dublin (1 of the 259845). We walked around Temple Bar and Trinity College and then rushed back to our AirBnb so we could defrost (!!).

As the good tourists that we are, Andrea and I took a 12-hour tour over to the Irish Countryside to see the Cliffs of Moher. SO COLD....SO COOL. Seriously we almost got blown off the cliffs because it was so windy. To top it right off, it was raining the WHOLE time, which almost made it all a lot more epic. We got back into Ireland at around 8pm and went out to a classic pub-crawl around the city where we drank a lot of Guinness and complimentary jagger shots (lol...). 

The next day we only had about 5 hours to roam around the city before catching our flight back to London. We had brunch at WUFF which consisted of a full Irish bfast which i may or may not still be dreaming about because it was SO dang good. After breakfast we headed over to the Guinness Storehouse and were 2 pints deep by 12:30 pm, whoops! We walked around the city for a bit one last time before we had to ACTUALLY run through the airport to make it to our gate on time. 

weekend trips is one of my love languages, is that a thing? no?
mmm, lets make it one. thanks for a great 48 hours, Ireland!