Rijeka, Croatia

The ocean is my happy place, anyone who knows me knows that (hence why I go to school 5 mins away from the beach). Salzburg, Austria, is 1,391 ft above sea level to be exact so yes, no beaches nearby. Being in Austria, though, couldn't keep me away from going to one of Europe's best beach destination. So on September 26, my friends Sarah, Rachael, Drew, Connor, and I hopped on an overnight train to Croatia.  After a 7 hour ride, we arrived at 9:20 am in Rijeka and headed off to get to know the city. Croatia uses the KUNO as their currency so 1 euro = 7 KUNO. A scoop of gelato was 7 KUNO so throughout the trip we measured prices according to how many scoops of gelato you could buy. We walked up 500 steps (YES, 500) up to Trsat Castle, one of the highest points of the city and the view was absolutely stunning. Once we walked down the 500 steps back into the city we picked up dinner at this hole in the wall restaurant that had incredible food & wine all for 7 Euro! It was great, yes we splurged (jk, not even).  The weather during the weekend was incredible and the beaches even better. The water is oh so clear and a turquoise blue. We stayed in a "Botel" that was located right in the middle of town and 10 minutes away from the train station. The beaches were about a 30 minute walk from the marina, but so worth it. It was a great weekend filled with delicious food, great beaches and good friends.