Pollo + Quesadilla

This is Haley, aka pollo, the first friend I made when I started at my new school in the 8th grade. And the other blondie is Taylor, another girl who decided to befriend the new girl. Oh boy, those were the awkward days (I had bangs... not ok). Haley, Taylor. and I became inseparable those two years Haley lived in San Diego. We stalked the senior boys, made videos to songs, walked around the mall with bandanas on, and made t-shirts for every event we could. After Haley moved back home to Alabama we began to write letters to each other. We started out good, sending them at least once a month, I think we went up to letter #16 (16 from me and 16 from her), over a course of two years. Once we went to college we tried to continue it but we failed at it hahaha so we simply resorted to texting. Over the years Haley has been able to come visit us and although we only get to see each other a day every year, it is as if nothing has changed, we pick up right where we left off. It's always so fun remembering all the emberassing stuff we did back when we were 13 and loved rocking out to Taylor Swift. Here's to many more years of friendship!!