How did I get here?

Never in a million years had I ever thought I would be studying + living in a different country for four months, and this is why: I had a plan. I was going to live at my university's dorm with my best friends, go home once a month, help my brother with his college apps, and go to the beach every weekend, among others. I am a homebody and absolutely a family person; they are my safe place. I was comfortable at school. I had my core group of girlfriends, lived in a beautiful area, oh and most importantly, everyone around me spoke English.

So now you may be wondering, why Austria? I had considered studying abroad before but knew that I didn't want the typical Italy, London, Paris destination. Austria was so far off my radar, I couldn't have even told you where it was located on a map and when I told people I was studying in austria they got a little confused:

Part of me has always loved seeing new places and studying abroad seemed like the perfect opportunity to travel AND get some studying in. But due to my dependence on the comforts of home, I knew I would never have enough strength to leave, or at least thats what I thought.


Then, plot twist,  my roommate Rachael came along and showed me her program with AIFS to Austria. I absolutely fell in love with everything I saw about this country. SO MUCH GREEN! Plus, who would ever pass up the opportunity to travel/study with your best friend? Yes, there was still fear in the back of my mind towards leaving home but Jesus constantly kept opening and closing doors, showing me that this was the path he wanted me to follow. It all happened so fast, one day I was trying to convince my parents as to why they should allow me to go and the next I was trying to fit four-month's worth of clothes into a suitcase.

I have practically been counting down the days since my parents said yes, and now I cannot believe that today is the day.

This is how I currently feel: 27 Things you'll miss about America while you are abroad


I am so excited for this new chapter that is about to begin, and yes, the nerves are definitely starting to come in now. It almost doesn't even feel real but I'm sure it will be feeling more than real when I'm bawling my eyes out at the airport with my friends and family.

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Let the adventure begin!