Greek Daydream

Sunset in Oia, Santorini

Sunset in Oia, Santorini

Two summers ago my family and I traveled to Greece, hopping from Athens to Mykonos to Santorini. I blame my parents for this being the beginning of my travel bug. We fell in love with Greece, so much pretty. I felt like I was Lina from Sisterhood of the Traveling pants. 

Our 15 day adventure was definitely too short. We spent three days in Athens visiting The Parthenon, Zeus' Temple, The Acropolis, and eating way too many pitas in Plaka. After almost missing our boat ride to Mykonos, we spent a couple of days enjoying the crystal blue beaches - best paninis ever. We walked over to the town and after catching a golden sunset, we had the most incredible crepes (we definitely went back the second night!).

Our last stop was Santorini and its beautiful sunsets. Our first night we walked around and stood with the crowds, amazed at all the white and blue and golden. The next day my family and I took a boat ride around the Red and White beaches then got lunch at a local fish market. We ended our day at a black beach, one of the weirdest/coolest experiences. Theres wasn't sand...just little black rocks! Later during our trip we visited a volcano that was off to an island, it was 1000 degrees hot and my brother and I lost the group since we were ridiculously hot. Luckily, the boat pulled off to a hot spring and we hopped off it into the water, goodness, so clear!

Two years later, I am still wishing I could do this trip all over again.

So grateful for my fam and for the little corner of the world we were able to see.