Venice, Italy

Two days in Venice is not long all. Two weeks ago my sweet friends Amanda, Summer and Katrina came to visit in Austria. I was so happy to have a little piece of home with me for 10 days. The girls got to Austria Nov 21st, that night we took a night train to Venice. My old friend from high school, Trey (shout out to CHS), met us at the train station and from there we began our grand tour of Venice! We started our day off with a very Venetian breakfast- coffee and croissants- before we headed out towards the grand canal. 

The weather was absolutely beautiful, so sunny! Such a nice change of scenery from Salzburg's cloudy skies. We all went back to Trey's apartment and he made us lunch, delicious bruschetta. We later got gelato (duh) and sat on the edge of the port and enjoyed the warm sun. After walking some more around the city, we stopped by the market to get food for dinner. The girls and I went to go get wine while we left Trey in the kitchen. I think I speak for all of us girls by saying this was the best pasta meal we've ever had! 

The next morning went the same way, breakfast and coffee at Trey & Carlos' (his cool roommate we met the night before). We went on a gondola ride- so cool! Obviously, gelato was a must...again, YUM. We walked to the other side of the island and caught sunset right on the port so we just sat there and gave our legs a break. We topped off our night with some more gelato and pizza.

Thanks for a great weekend Venice, and special shout out to our awesome hosts, Trey & Carlos - you guys are the best!