Two Months Gone

Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam, and Budapest. I think October will go down as the best month…ever…like ever. I think I spent more time at the airport and on trains than I did in Salzburg in October and it was incredible. Needless to say, this month flew by.

Before I left to come to Austria, my friend Kat wrote me three letters: one for when i got to Austria, one for my second month and a third one that says "almost time to come home to me YIPEEE". I remember looking at these and thinking to myself, woah, its gonna take forever to open these. HA nope. I opened my last letter last week and I may or may not have teared up a little.

Salzburg is home. It is crazy to think that this journey is coming to an end in just 29 short days. I am convinced that I will have to be dragged out of here kicking and screaming on to my flight back home. Ive gotten so used to living here. The people, the scenery, the language (or lack there of on my part...), the coffee/ pastries, running to get to the bus, drinking wine with meals, everything.

I was telling Rachael we should start writing a list of things we are going to miss when we get back home and when we began naming a few we both just sat there quietly, realizing we have only a short month left of this. My last 68 days across the Atlantic Ocean have been some of the best days of my twenty years. I'm not ready to leave yet, Salzburg.

With this said, here goes to the last 29 days left of my adventure abroad. Next time I write my
month-er post I will probably be crying over the keyboard (too dramatic?)