OC Easter

Easter this year was one for the books. My family came up to OC to visit me and be with me on this special day. I attended RockHarbor's service where my best friend Rachael and I got baptized. It was such a special moment to experience together. 


Getting baptized had been a desire in my heart for about a year and a half. Although the opportunity had given itself, I never truly felt "ready"- which is a ridiculous thought because Jesus doesn't call you to come when you are put together- He calls you at your lowest and most broken points. Anyways, when I signed my name on the baptism sheet I was so overwhelmed by the spirit and filled with joy, I knew this was God extending His arms open at me, waiting for me to run into His love. 

I now have been raised to new life with Jesus!

You were worth dying for.

The story is real, He is risen indeed!