Month 3 of 3

November is a blur. I started off the month somewhere in Budapest, then hopped off to Prague the weekend after. Rache and I had some sweet visitor this month so we spent a lot of time in Salzburg. On the 14th, Rache's parents came into town and I was fully taken in as a Rausch (Alba Rausch, nice tune right?). I had such a great couple of days, it felt nice to be surrounded by familiar faces :) 

On the 20th, the Christmas markets opened...this may be my favorite part of the month. I love Christmas and all that comes with it. The cold, the decorations, hot wine, pretzels, ah... everything. I had a little piece of home with me the last week of November- Amanda, Katrina, and Summer came to visit for 8 days. We had such a blast on our weekend trip to Venice and I absolutely loved showing them around Salzburg. We had sausages and pretzels and coffee on the daily, healthy meal right? They were my little locals by the end of the week which made me so so happy. We went on a day-trip to Innsbruck that last weekend as well and it was so so pretty. We walked around the Christmas Markets there and I scored a sweet pair of oxfords for 10 euro! A couple of friends and I hiked Gaisberg in Salzburg, the view from above the clouds was amazing. You were great, November.