My 98 days across the Atlantic were absolutely incredible; I didn't want to say goodbye. From London to Austria, to Munich, to Croatia, to Vienna, to Paris, to Amsterdam, to Budapest, to Prague, to Venice, these past three months have been the best ones yet.

I've officially been home for two weeks and I can't help but miss everything about Europe. I miss struggling with speaking German, as weird as that may sound, and just smiling and waving at people who liked to believe I could understand them. I miss the foggy mornings and falling asleep to the rain. Eating pastries and drinking coffee on the daily and taking in the brisk days in Salzburg. I miss the thrill of seeing new places and not knowing what to expect. Getting lost in unknown countries with no cellular data and struggling to find wifi. All of it.

I went into this whole adventure with no expectations, probably why I was freaking out on my flight from LAX. And well, Austria exceeded any trail of expectation I may have had. I could not have done this without the support and encouragement from my family and friends. All chances taken. 

Mom and Dad- thanks for, literally, giving me the world.
See you soon, Austria.