Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Amsterdam has always been on the top of my list of places to visit and I right about fell in love with the city when I stepped foot out of the train station. The canals are so quaint and every single side street has its own character. Our first day we got a little of rain but not even that could take away amsterdam's charm. We walked over to the Iamsterdam letters that are in front of the Amsterdam museum and afterwards we headed over to the Heineken "Experience". This basically was a tour of the Heineken Brewery and we got to do some beer testing at the end. That night we met up with my friend Donna's friend who lives in Amsterdam, Aris. We went to a Jazz club that played live music and where people were dressed up all fancy and dancing lots. It was a really fun night.

The next day was, according to Aris, "hangover saturday", the name due to the night before's events. We met up at noon after getting brunch and Aris gave us a tour of the city. We took the metro over to an area called Jordaan, this is where the working class lived in the 17th century. This area is now inhabited by artists, students and young entrepreneurs. 

We walked around some more around the city and after having dinner at the rooftop of a mall, we went over to the red light district. It was very interesting to learn that up to this day there is still controversy between the church and this area. There is a kindergarden and a church right around the corner. 

Jenever is very traditional Dutch drink so Aris took us to a cool bar called Wynandt Fockinck where we got our drink made and had an official "tasting". For dinner we had thai food- best place EVER. It was delicious. We ended the night at Cafe Hoppe where we met up with Aris' friends before going to Disco Dolly, a more "hipster" club. 

I had a blast spending the weekend with these girls, and our tour-guide was fantastic.

I already cannot wait to come back.