Northwest is Best

7 days, 3,800 miles, and 3 states. Best road trip ever. We started in OC then headed up the coast all the way to San Francisco. We stopped at Big Sur and I don't think I've ever seen bluer water. I absolutely fell in love with it. We caught sunset on our way to Pier 39 and ate the best clam chowder. After a sweet breakfast made by our awesome host Amanda, Caleb, Tyler, Rachael, and I, headed over to our second destination, the Redwoods Forest (dun dun dun). We began hiking at 5:40pm (yes, it was as bad as it sounds). At the beginning of the hike we were all super excited and amazed at the beauty of this place. SO GREEN. We had to cross a creek and the guys were awesome and carried us girls across it. Long story short though, we hiked 8 miles the first day, 2 of them in the dark…i cried (well…almost). The second day at the camp was awesome though, we walked along the creek and finally got some fresh water. We got to our campsite at around 4:30 and we all went for a swim in the creek- which was so cold! Caleb made an awesome fire and we warmed up with some coffee and fell asleep with the full moon.

Our third day we hiked to the car and drove through Oregon to get to Seattle. It was so green and the coast was absolutely beautiful. On Friday we finally got to tour around Seattle and visited all the touristy spots and even met up with Rache's sister-in-law, Allie. It was such a nice breather to settle for a day before hitting the road again the next day. Saturday we headed back down to San Francisco but made a pit stop in Portland, Oregon, to try the oh-so-famous Voodoo Doughnuts. And to answer your question, yes they did live up to the hype. Portland is weird, but I liked it. Lots of characters. Anyways, our last day was spent hanging out at Marshall's Beach in San Francisco hiking on rocks and running on the beach. We drove back down the coast and stopped at Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, great way to finish off our trip.

There were so many stars out and no moon so we decided to pull over on the side of the road and star gaze for a little- guys, i saw my first shooting star! Overall, this week was the most perfect way to start out the summer, and it couldn't have been a better group of people to travel with.