Good Morning

My youngest brother, Freddy, recently joined a club soccer team, and for those who don't know how that works, soccer practically takes over your weekends. So this morning, I had to drive Freddy to his game at 6:30am (I don't think I'd woken up at that time since I got out of high school). I obviously dragged my older brother, Elias, with me. We packed up our cameras, stopped and got coffee, and headed down to La Jolla after dropping Freddy off at the soccer field. Elias and I walked around the beach sipping and snapping- the weather was perfect. I don't know how this always happens but we always, somehow, end up wearing boots at the beach (or converse, or sperrys, anything BUT flip flops). People that have interacted with both Elias and me probably think we are twins. We dress the same, enjoy the same things, love the beach, listen to the same music, and even look scarily alike (unlike Freddy). Anyways, we put our pictures together and since it was early, they came out super vibrant. The beach is my favorite place to take pictures at, have you noticed? 

Happy Saturday! 

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