Blonda + Friends

I am so ridiculously happy that my sweet friend Blonda, aka the Amanda Rathbun, has been able to come visit OC so often this past month. Having her in town makes me so so happy because it reminds me of last year at VU when we were inseparable (we still are). Along with her came her friends Aundrea and Jordyn, who are the coolest most trendiest girls eva. I had such a fun day with these three chicas down in Balboa. We rented bikes and rode to Alta- got out coffee fix- then took the ferry over to the island. Aundrea was blasting some ghetto-licious music and we got some serious stares down the boardwalk hahah. Although we only got to hang out for a couple hours, whenever we are together I feel like nothing has changed and we pick up right where we left off last time we saw each other. Love you lots and lots Blonda (and your friends are pretty cool too...heheh).


Did I mention Amanda is insanely talented?

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or @shopamandamichelle on insta